Metal Recycling Market By Type of Metal (Ferrous, Non-Ferrous) By Type of Scrap Material (Internal Scrap, Prompt Scrap, Obsolete Scrap), By Mode of Recycling (Shredder, Shearing, Baling, Others), By End Users (Building & Construction, Automotive, Manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Packaging, Consumer Appliances and Others), and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, MEA), - Global Forecasts 2016 to 2026

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Metal Recycling Market Report Overview:

The Metal Recycling market also referred to as the Recycled Metals Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.0% to reach USD 88.3 billion by 2026 from 55 billion in 2019. The recycling of metal involves various stages such as shredding, Shearing, Baling, identification, and classification of waste, and further processing. The market is growing due to an increasing preference for Metal Recycling over on account of environmental concerns, depleting natural reserves and increasing prices of raw metal ores, and the emergence of new technologies. Other factors favoring the growth of this market include increasing urbanization and increasing the rate of industrialization in developing countries. The government support favoring the usage of   Metal Recycling worldwide has also helped to propel the growth of the Metal Recycling market. The increasingly improving quality of Recycled Metal products has also favored the growth of the Metal Recycling market also referred to as the Recycled Metals Market.

Metal Recycling Market

Governments in various countries are also encouraging recycling to promote effective waste management. Other factors influencing the metal recycling rate is the price of recycled metal versus virgin metal. This report will analyze prices of Recycled Metal versus metals and the demand-supply scenario of crude metal ore. Metal recycling rates vary significantly across different countries and types of Metals. However, the recycling rates of metals are substantially higher as compared with plastics.

The research report analyses the ecosystem and value chain of the Metal Recycling market or Recycled Metals Market. The report categorizes the Metal Recycling Market to forecast the revenues and analyze the trends in each of the following below-mentioned market segments.

Market Size by Type of Metal

  • Ferrous Metals
    • Steel
    • Iron
  • Non-ferrous
    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Others

Market Size by Scrap Type

  • Internal Scrap
  • Prompt Scrap
  • Obsolete Scrap

Market Size by Mode of Recycling

  • Shredder
  • Shearing
  • Baling
  • Others

Market Size by End-User

  • Building & Construction
  • Automotive
  • Mode of Recycling Manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Packaging
  • Consumer Appliances
  • Others


  • North America
    • US
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • UK
    • Germany
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Rest of Europe
  • APAC
    • China
    • India
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • Singapore
    • Rest of APAC
  • RoW
    • Middle East
    • Africa
    • LATAM

Company Profiles and Competitive Intelligence Covered in Metal Recycling Market Report are:

  1. Arcelormittal
  2. Nucor Corporation
  3. Commercial Metals Company
  4. Sims Metal Management Limited
  5. Aurubis Ag
  6. Dowa Holdings Co.,Ltd.
  7. Tata Steel Limited
  8. European Metal Recycling Limited
  9. Totall Metal Recycling,inc.
  10. American Iron & Metal (Aim)
  11. Tom Martin & Company Ltd
  12. Kuusakoski Recycling
  13. Norton Aluminium
  14. Remondis Se & Co. Kg
  15. Other Notable Players

In terms of market by metal type, the ferrous metal segment is estimated to be the largest segment of the Metal Recycling market during the forecast period

The ferrous metal segment was the biggest segment of the Metal Recycling market during the forecast period. This can be attributed to the growing consumption of steel material in various end-user industries such as consumer goods, food & beverage, automobile, and various other industries. Recycled steel accounts for a substantial share of the global steel market.

By End Use the Building and Construction Segment is expected to be the largest segment of the Metal Recycling market

The Metal Recycling market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR. Various organizations across the globe are increasingly adopting Metal Recycling. Building and Construction are estimated to be the largest and fastest-growing end-use industry of the Metal Recycling market in terms of market size and CAGR trend during the forecast period. A huge amount of metals are recycled from construction waste.

The Asia Pacific is expected to be the largest region in the forecast period

Asia Pacific region accounted for the largest share of the Metal Recycling market followed by the other regions. The North America metal recycling market is also projected to witness a higher product demand in the coming years on account of increasing consumption in end-user industries. The demand in the Asia Pacific region is primarily driven on account of demand from end-user industries. The Asia Pacific region is growing on account of rising urbanization, industrialization, the presence of a large number of steel mills that recycle metals, government initiatives, and a rise in residential and commercial construction projects.

Snapshot of Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities and Challenges of Metal Recycling Market:


  • Improving quality of metal recycled
  • Government initiatives supporting effective waste management
  • Increasing awareness among people regarding environmental sustainability, waste management, and recycling has turned out to be a driving force behind the fast-growing market of Metal Recycling.


  • Regulations hampering free trade of scrap


  • Demand from emerging economies
  • Rising usage of advanced recycling technologies


  • Poor segregation of waste at source
  • The increasing complexity of products

Unique insights provided by this report also includes the following:

  1. In-depth value chain analysis
  2. Opportunity mapping
  3. Sector snapshot
  4. Technology landscape
  5. Regulatory scenario
  6. Patent trends
  7. Market trends
  8. Covid-19 impact analysis
  9. Raw material supply analysis
  10. Pricing trends
  11. Sustainability trends and environmental concerns
  12. Critical Success Factors
  13. Competitive Landscape
  14. Customer preferences
Author Credentials

Priyanka has been writing chemicals & material market research reports for the last 12 years. A post-graduate, her specialization is in the chemicals sector. Preparing end-to-end reports covering minute details for market insights, competitive intelligence and trend analysis in the CMFE sector.

  1. Market Introduction
    1. Definition
    2. Scope Of The Study
    3. List Of Assumptions
    4. Market Structure
  2. Executive Summary
    1. Market Summary
    2. Market Snapshot
    3. Regional Snapshot
    4. Country Snapshot
  3. Research Methodology
    1. 3P Research Approach
    2. Market Sizing Approach
    3. Data Sources
    4. Primary Research Coverage
  4. Market Overview
    1. Market Drivers
    2. Opportunities
    3. Value Chain Analysis
    4. Recycling Rates
    5. Pricing Analysis
  5. Premium Insights
    1. Key Trend Analysis
    2. Major Investment Scenario
    3. New revenue Pockets
    4. Major Exporters of Recycle Metals (Top 5 Countries)
    5. Major Importers of Recycle Metals (Top 5 Countries)
    6. Pain Point Analysis
    7. Pricing comparison
    8. Strategies Adopted-Benchmarking Heat Map
    9. Regulatory Implications
    10. Business Recommendations
    11. Opportunity Mapping
    12. PESTEL Analysis
    13. Regional Lifecycle
    14. Developed vs. Developing Economies, 2019 vs 2026
  6. COVID – 19 Opportunity Mapping
    1. Revenue Impact & Opportunity
    2. Strategic Adjustments
    3. Supply Chain Impact
    4. Impact Outlook
  7. Market Overview & Competitive Landscape
    1. Competitive Landscape
    2. Investment Scenario by key Players
    3. Key Player Overview
    4. Product comparison
    5. Player Wise Geographic Presence
    6. Player Wise Target Customer Segment
    7. Recent News
    8. Product Launches & upgrades
    9. R&D / Innovation
    10. Merger & Acquisition
    11. JV & Partnership
    12. Recognition and others
  8. Market Segmentation
    1. Global Market Size & Historic Growth
    2. Market Size by Type
      1. Ferrous Metals
        1. Steel
        2. Iron
      2. Non-ferrous
        1. Aluminum
        2. Copper
        3. Others
    3. Market Size by Scrap Type
      1. Internal Scrap
      2. Prompt Scrap
      3. Obsolete Scrap
    4. Market Size by Mode of Recycling
      1. Shredder
      2. Shearing
      3. Baling
      4. Others
    5. Market Size by End-User
      1. Building & Construction
      2. Automotive
      3. Mode of Recycling Manufacturing
      4. Shipbuilding
      5. Packaging
      6. Consumer Appliances
      7. Others
  9. Geography
    1. North America
      • US
      • Canada
    2. Europe
      • UK
      • Germany
      • France
      • Italy
      • Spain
      • Rest of Europe
    3. APAC
      • China
      • India
      • Japan
      • South Korea
      • Singapore
      • Rest of APAC
    4. RoW
      • Middle East
      • Africa
      • LATAM
  10. Company Profiles
    1. Arcelormittal
    2. Company Fundamentals
    3. Financial Analysis (Subject to Availability)
    4. Product Portfolio
    5. Recent Developments
    6. SWOT Analysis
    7. Nucor Corporation
    8. Commercial Metals Company
    9. Sims Metal Management Limited
    10. Aurubis Ag
    11. Dowa Holdings Co.,Ltd.
    12. Tata Steel Limited
    13. European Metal Recycling Limited
    14. Totall Metal Recycling,inc.
    15. American Iron & Metal (Aim)
    16. Tom Martin & Company Ltd
    17. Kuusakoski Recycling
    18. Norton Aluminium
    19. Remondis Se & Co. Kg
    20. Other Notable Players

Research Methodology

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